Guide On Where To Buy Ayo And Teo Mask In Nigeria At Wholesale

Ayo and Teo\’s Masks are in high demand at the moment, and you can make money buying them and reselling or possibly, dropshipping them. Now, this post is going to be a very straightforward one and the places you can purchase them are online.
There are different types of masks in the market and they all serve different purposes.

The Ayo and Teo Masks were introduced by American music and dancing duo – Ayleo Bowles and Mateo Bowles, better known as Ayo & Teo.
Explaining more on the brand, one of the entertainers said;

“Our masks are about to be as dope as the BAPE masks. The brand is called WAY, an acronym for We Are Young, and will feature a range of hoodies, denim, masks and tees to start.”

Where To Buy The Ayo and Teo Masks In Nigeria

If you are looking to join the trend, then here are a few ideas on where you can get the masks;

What can you not get on Jiji? Even if it isn\’t exactly, you can get something closer to it or what am I even saying?


This is one of the most popular e-commerce websites in the country and there are tons of dealers to give you just what you want.


The masks are in their numbers on Amazon and you can place an order and receive it in a few weeks.
It might cost a little for both shipping and the product and take a lot of time but who cares? We can do it for our favourite stars.

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The masks are also available on the platform and you can place an order for less than ₦10,000. You can check their official website for any changes in price, of course.

On Joom the masks cost only $4 and it\’s actually the cheapest I have seen. It is also reviewed 4.5 stars which might mean something good.

The masks are available on and cost anything from $5. Still an amazing bargain!

They were sold out on Ebay when I was putting this list together but you can always check. If they sold out, you can be among people to buy out the next orders.

The masks cost anything less than $10 on and you can check if you will be able to ship to Nigeria.

If the masks don\’t show up on, then something is wrong. The prices were in Naira too and they cost less than ₦2,000.

You can also purchase Ayo and Teo Masks on It\’s not an American site though, so you should confirm if you can ship to Nigeria before taking time to fill the order.


There are many platforms where you can purchase Ayo and Teo Masks online and ship them to Nigeria.
You can go for any platforms you are very familiar with especially if you will be purchasing wholesale.

Also, check reviews and remember to stay safe online!

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