10 Smart Business Ideas You Can Start Up With Less Capital In Nigeria

Starting up a business requires among many other things – Capital and so it is a justifiable reason to go all out to secure a fixed amount of money, which you call capital before starting up a business. 

But sorry to burst your bubbles, with your justifiable reason, there are businesses you can begin right here in Nigeria with minimal capital.
Yeah! So stop envisaging one huge amount of Money somewhere in your mind, if you are interested, I can show you in the course of this article, business ideas that can fetch you cool cash, to be started with only a little Capital.

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Smart Business Ideas You Can Start Up With Less Capital In Nigeria

On this very section, I\’ll be sharing with you guys the top business ideas that you can start with \”chikini\” money in Nigeria;

1. Foodstuffs Business

Food is one basic necessity of life, we all need it to keep up with everyday\’s task, so forever, till thy Kingdom come, the food business will always have a high stake in the market.

Interestingly, you don\’t need much to start, just a mini outlet to showcase your goods, and you are unto a good start.

2. Laundry Services

Some people love it when their clothes and clothing accessories are given a nice treat. But due to time factor and other factors, they can\’t really do so.

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Here\’s where you can come in. You can start this from your home, with a clinical and professional touch you are good to go.

3. Event Planning

You necessarily do not even need to bother renting a physical office at first, your house can be your consultation room, where you strike business deals as an event planner to over see the smooth running of an already proposed event.

4. Digital Marketing

For the fact you are reading this right now is already half of the job well done. It\’s either you have a smartphone or a super computer, but fact remains you can start with which ever not minding.

It\’s a digital age, and almost everything has taken to the New flow – Online. With the right digital skill, you can find your space and start working online.

5. Running a Provisions Store 

For a start, you can go with staple products, goods that are always needed by the majority of the populace.

It depends on your immediate environment, spot those goods always in extensive demand, and build a business round it.

6. Organising Tutorials

It could be online or offline, but by whichever means, you still have the opportunity to impart what you know into others in exchange for your cash.

So it all boils down to what do you know. What can you conveniently teach, that\’s your money right there. You don\’t need much to start.

7. Hair Dressing and Barbing

If you can weave threads together on People\’s hair, and then as a guy you have this penchant for cutting cute hairstyles, you mustn\’t wait to have the whole world, with a little amount, that can afford you the necessary items, you are up for start.

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8. Fruit Business

Check out those fruits currently in their best seasons, you don\’t need heaven and earth to access them, do you?

With just a mini outlet like a table to showcase your goods, at a strategic location, you can start selling fruits.

9. Photography

People always want to be given accolades on their new outfit and attire, so they go for pictures, with which they intend to flaunt their social media handles.

So a good photographer who knows the act so well, will in no time be talk of town.

10. Fashion Designing and Sewing

Let\’s assume you love sewing and making fashionable clothes, it\’s a business for you, maybe starting from your house.

With the right skills, proper positioning and other factors, there are many of these business ideas out there, lay your hands on one you love and can cope with, that can channel cash towards you.

He that won\’t work, let him not eat.

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