How To Bill A Client For Gift Card In 3 Easy Steps

If you’re seeking guidance on how to bill a client for iTunes card, this article is tailored to your needs. If you encounter challenges in receiving payment from an employer and are seeking solutions, this approach could be quite beneficial.

This consideration is vital, especially given that Nigerians are unable to utilize PayPal (the most prevalent option). Understandably, clients might be reluctant to visit a bank for Western Union transactions due to the associated inconveniences. When conventional payment methods have been exhausted, alternatives such as Amazon, iTunes, or other gift cards can be explored. You will need to learn how to bill a client for gift card.
Please note that there is no standard format to bill a client for a gift card or cash out gift card from your client.

What Is An iTunes Gift Card?

An iTunes gift card (commonly referred to as an iTunes and App Store card) is essentially a prepaid credit for Apple’s digital services. This encompasses the iTunes Store, Apple’s platform for purchasing music, movies, applications, and more.

While various gift cards exist, the most prevalent ones are the iTunes and Amazon gift cards. These are also the easiest to liquidate due to their strong demand and supply.

What Other Methods Exist for Receiving Payments from Clients?

Aside from the method outlined above, there are numerous other ways to receive payments from clients. Feel free to choose the one that suits you best from the following options:

  • Direct bank transfer through platforms like TransferWise
  • PayPal (currently not available in Nigeria, but assistance can be provided for setting up an account)
  • Payoneer
  • Skrill
  • Cryptocurrency (further information about crypto in Nigeria is available)
  • Paystack
  • Flutterwave
  • Webmoney
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These methods operate differently, and some, like Paystack and Flutterwave, require the creation of payment links for clients to pay via credit cards. It’s worth noting that certain settings might need activation to restrict receiving payments from specific countries, if required.

Persuading a Client to Opt for an iTunes Card Payment

In scenarios where other options have been exhausted or a direct approach is preferred, follow these steps:

Secure the project

First, secure a contract with a client. This doesn’t necessarily have to be through platforms like Fiverr, as they manage payment processes internally. The focus is on securing the job, and be prepared for possible compromises if things don’t proceed as expected, or consider utilizing a trusted intermediary account.

Cultivate a rapport

Foster a positive relationship with your clients. Establishing a friendly rapport makes it easier to guide their decisions. I’ve worked with foreign clients who proposed payment methods, even though they were aware of my Nigerian location. Building a connection can turn clients into more than just business associates.

Deliver results

After securing the job and building rapport, ensure you deliver on your commitments. This will solidify your credibility. Make your client aware of your Nigerian location and the challenges you face due to local circumstances. A close relationship might encourage them to suggest suitable payment methods, actively supporting your cause.

When all conventional options have been exhausted, consider asking if your client would be willing to provide a gift card as payment.


Should you successfully obtain a gift card, proceed to locate a reputable dealer who can convert it into Naira at a fair rate. Price comparisons are advisable to ensure you get the best value, considering the possibility of more frequent conversions.

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